Trees give us shade and oxygen while beautifying the urban landscape. Let’s care for them! Proper pruning will boost your tree’s aesthetics, it’s overall health, and increase the safety of its surroundings. Your trees will benefit immensely from any or all of our following services:


If your tree is too diseased or structurally compromised, it will need to be removed to protect its surroundings. There might be other valid reasons why you want it gone as well. An in person evaluation will allow us to examine your tree and give you an accurate assessment. If your tree is to be removed, you will need to fill out a tree removal permit request at your municipal town hall.

Our assessments will give you the information that you need to fill out this document and will aid to expedite your request. We also remove completely overgrown and unsalvageable hedges. Finally, if you desire to have the stumps disappear, we can arrange that for you!


Coniferous trees, especially spruce trees, can look very unkempt due to a high volume of dead branches. If your tree is an eye sore, sometimes all it needs is a good cleanup, from top to bottom. In addition to looking well kept and clean, your conifer trees will benefit from more air flow through the canopy, which helps keep these trees healthy and vigorous.


We are equipped to crown and shape many types of trees and tall shrubs. Shaping your tree can help it stay controlled in size and maintain its optimal structure. Submit an estimate request with us today to know what can be done to your specific trees!



Our arborists treat cedar hedge trimming as an art. Keep your hedges looking sharp by trusting our experts to maintain them on a regular basis! Precise trimming into the new growth causes buds to multiply, resulting in recurrent beautiful dense foliage every year. Pruning your cedar hedge regularly will also keep them at their intended size and shape, and away from structures on your property. Restore the beauty of your cedar hedges by requesting a trim today!


If a cedar hedge hasn’t been trimmed in a few years, additional care is needed during the resizing process. If too much excess growth is pruned off, hedges can develop localized bare spots and dead branches, which are both unsightly and damaging to the hedge. Our technicians meticulously prune overgrown cedar hedges back to a safe benchmark that will in turn generate new growth in the future. Get your hedges back on the right track by reaching out to us today!


From topiary spirals to boxwoods to cedar globes, we are the answer to all your trimming needs. We understand the value that these shrubs hold and the care required to keep them looking their best!



Heavy snow loads can cause your hedges to open up and branches to bend out of shape. We can help prevent this by using woven nylon straps to tie up these branches and reduce their chances of breaking off. Young or old, your hedges can benefit from a slow release fertilizer treatment. This granular application releases nutrients into the ground over the course of the year, resulting in a better overall fertilizer absorption. Our slow release fertilizer application will encourage your hedge to grow thicker and in a more even fashion. Trees that grow with multiple trunks of the same size often have weak unions. Many think that a tree simply being tall or large makes it dangerous but it is in fact the lack of good structure that puts a tree and consequently its surroundings at risk. The installation of an engineered tree support system made up of steel or dynamic cables and steel rods can mitigate the risk of weak trees splitting in half. We recommend this be used in combination with pruning to reduce weight in the canopy. Contact us for a free consult if you have any concerns about your tree!


Has a tree limb fallen down during a storm? Do you have some branches that you want gone?

Does your borough, like Pierrefonds, not offer on call branch collection?

We can make them disappear! (very fast).


If your cat has climbed high up into a tree, it is most likely out of a pure adrenaline rush. If it doesn’t come down on it’s own after a few hours, it may be time to attempt a rescue climb. Our expert climbers happen to be cat owners as well, and are determined to get your furry friend back to ground level in the safest way possible! If you have a drone that is stuck in a tree, there is a good chance that we can recover it! For all emergencies, you can call us at: 514-816-8633
Disclaimer: Due to the precarious nature of rescue work, Vision Landscapes will not be held responsible for any damages or losses related to pet & drone rescues.

Wood chip delivery

A few times per week, we need to dump our truck full of fresh mulch & chips! ! Instead of sending them to landfill sites, let’s re-use them! Wood chips and mulch are perfect for garden applications, those shady areas where grass never grows anyways, etc,  100% natural, straight from the tree! This mulch that contains green foliage will return nutrients to the soil and help your greenery thrive! We deliver loads within 1-3 days of chipping them so the base layer of the dump pile might start to decompose a bit.

We are offering to dump loads of these chips, free of charge to homeowners around the West Island.

This is a sideline community effort we run, and for it to make sense, we will primarily choose homes that are willing to take a full load and who are the closest geographically to our job sites. Filling out this form doesn’t guarantee you a load of chips, but it does put your address on our radar. 

Please read carefully:

1. Our truck loads are: 7-9 Cubic yards.  ” the size of a car”

2. The loads contain chips and shreds from deciduous and evergreen trees, their needles and leaves, may include twigs, small branches and some unchipped material at a minimum.

3. Some loads contain Foliage (leaf and cedar) shreds that are mixed in with the wood chips and decompose nicely. 

4. Some bigger chunks and unprocessed organic material may be present at times.

5. We can not pick up the pile once it’s dumped, nor can pick up leftovers. You can share a load with your neighbors!