Hasegawa Platform Tripod Ladder


Unsure about ladders? This is the ladder for you! Our platform ladders have an extra deep step at the safe standing height mark.
This step will give you extra stability, and the “crow’s nest” cage will give you an extra feeling of safety while working at heights.
These ladders are a fraction heavier than the originals, and a bit more cumbersome due to the crow’s nest. If you have regular tree or hedge work at the same height all the time, we highly reccomend this model of ladder!

Attention arborists, hedge trimmers and gardeners!

We are Quebec’s exclusive distributor of Hasegawa orchard / tripod ladders!
Hasegawa’s tripod ladders offer unique features that make them the go-to choice for thousands of professionals worldwide.
These Japanese designed ladders have been in production for over 50 years!

Hasegawa tripod ladders feature:

A 100% welded aluminum build “no bolts or rivets”, which are common failure points
An adjustable front leg for working on slopes and ditches
A safety chain that keeps the front leg from slipping out
Hollow steps resulting in an overall lighter ladder
ANSI rated type 1A, 300 lb.
4.75” wide steps giving additional stability and reducing foot fatigue
Three removal rubber soles for the legs for working on hard surfaces such as wood or concrete.
Two models to choose from. Original tripod or Platform tripod.

Specs: https://www.hasegawaladders.com/tripod-ladders/tripod-specs/
Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8IM5Db-yUQ&t=1s